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Mount Royal, October 8, 2010 – Mr. Philippe Roy will be the new Mayor of the Town of Mount Royal. As nobody chose to run against him, the former Councillor has won by acclamation, as the nomination period ended today at 16:30. Philippe Roy succeeds to Mrs. Vera Danyluk, whom he has referred to in the past as a mentor, having worked alongside her on Town Council for the past five years.

The position of Councillor for seat No. 2, left vacant by Mr. Roy in order for him to run for Mayor, will be filled following a poll opposing two candidates, namely Mr. Daniel Robert, member of the Action Mont-Royal party, and Mr. Marc Debargis, an independent candidate. The poll will be held on November 7.

Former Mayor Vera Danyluk’s mandate came to an end on July 26 for health reasons. As Mayor, Mr. Roy intends to honour the values that he shares with Mrs. Danyluk and with all members of Town Council. Those very values have always been the guiding force behind every move made by the Action Mont-Royal team.