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Mount Royal, December 21, 2006 – A special meeting of the Town of Mount Royal Council was held today to adopt a revised 2007 budget. The updated budget takes into account the requirements of the new act respecting municipal affairs, which was assented to by the National Assembly on December 14. Of the many budget scenarios studied and analyzed, Town Council chose the one that appeared the most advantageous for all of Mount Royal’s taxpayers.

The revised budget was prompted by the Quebec government’s last-minute introduction of an amendment that changed non-residential property taxation for the reconstituted municipalities in the Montreal agglomeration. The amendment affects the division of tax revenues from the residential and commercial/industrial sectors in Mount Royal’s budget.

The new act does not change the amounts allocated for the Town’s expenditures and revenues. Thus, there will be no increase or decrease in the amounts budgeted by the Town, but rather a different division of sources of tax income, which will improve the balance among the various categories of property owners in Mount Royal’s territory.

The new act respecting municipal affairs also allows municipalities on the Island of Montreal to spread the increase in the new 2007 valuation roll over four years. To soften the impact of the new roll’s coming into effect, Mount Royal elected officials have decided to average the difference in property values over a four-year period, as allowed under the new act.

The tabling and adoption of the revised budget marked the end of the Town’s budget process for fiscal 2007. On December 11, only a few days before the new act respecting municipal affairs was introduced, Town Council had adopted an initial budget that included the averaging of property tax differences over a three-year period and a triennial capital expenditures program for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Town Council began the budget process in August. A public consultation session was held on December 5, during which the elected officials presented the operating budget and the triennial capital expenditures program. Council members also took advantage of the occasion to obtain feedback from the residents attending the session and answer questions regarding various aspects of the budget.

Lastly, it should be noted that, due to the late adoption of the new act respecting municipal affairs, Mount Royal’s taxpayers will receive their tax accounts slightly later than usual in 2007. The delay is not expected to be more than a few weeks.