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Mount Royal, April 22, 2014 – This year’s Earth Day provided the perfect opportunity for Mayor Philippe Roy and the 12 young members of the Townschool Council to officially announce the impending installation of a beehive on the roof of Town Hall. The project took shape following the successful lobbying of elected officials by Townschool councillors, which led to municipal by-laws being amended this winter to allow a beehive to be installed under certain conditions.

The beehive is the manifestation of the Town’s support for a new environmental cause, namely protecting bees at a time when the insects are said to be suffering from a mysterious illness that has resulted in a disquieting die-off just about everywhere in the world. Welcomed with open arms by Mount Royal, albeit in the form of a pilot project, the bees will find plenty of nourishment here, none of it contaminated with the slightest trace of pesticides.

The Townschool Council worked several months to prepare for the arrival of a beehive. The torch has now been passed to the McGill Apicultural Association (MAA) and Apiguru inc., whose expertise will be used to establish a colony. To ensure the project gets off to the best possible start, the MAA is generously donating the necessary bees to the Town, while Apiguru, who will provide professional maintenance services all summer, is doing the same for the hive.

The bees will gather pollen and nectar across the Town and beyond its borders and should especially be attracted to the flowers of the linden tree, a species that makes up 2.5% of the urban forest in Mount Royal’s public spaces. It should also be noted that no honey will be harvested from the hive in its first year of operation, as the bees will require it to survive the winter and grow the colony next spring.

In its second iteration, the Townschool Council is comprised of young people from primary schools and limited to a term of one school year. The official announcement of Mount Royal’s first beehive marks the end of the current council’s term.