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In 2019, Mount Royal’s long tradition of prudently managing public funds combined with a set of favourable conditions, especially in the real estate market, to produce yet another budget surplus. Earlier this week, the Town announced a surplus of $11.3 million for the year, further proof of the Town’s good financial health.

In 2019, the Town’s revenue once again exceeded not only spending but also budget forecasts. Despite a successful track record over the years, the planning process remains a challenge: each fall, when we begin preparing the next year’s budget, we look at revenue forecasts with a cautious eye and at planned spending with a pessimistic one.

That said, at a more granular level, the success the Town has enjoyed is not unrelated to, among other things, the attention it pays to maintaining its infrastructures. Of all the expenses we have to plan for year after year, most of them are related to preventive maintenance of streets, sidewalks and water and sewer lines. This ongoing, decades-long commitment to preserving the quality of our shared infrastructures is beneficial to the community in many ways: besides maintaining a pleasant and functional living environment for residents, by minimizing the need for emergency repairs, it helps us avoid unpleasant surprizes when the bills come due.

Even with this commitment to excellence, each new year allows the Town to move forward with many encouraging initiatives. In 2019 once again, the Town made significant investments in maintaining its trees, parks and other green paces. It also installed the first two BIXI stations on its territory – already a hit – and bought electric vehicle charging stations, both developments in line with our environmental goals. The Town also inaugurated a water playground in Dakin Park and opened a new dog run in Mohawk Park.

As in preceding years, the 2019 surplus will be added to the Town’s accumulated surplus, financial reserves and reserved funds, which now total $39.2 million versus $35.5 million in 2018. With the construction of the new sports and community centre about to begin, it’s comforting to have sums like these in reserve.

The bottom line? The Town’s finances are in very good shape and, as always, have an exemplary bill of health.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5