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As mentioned in our latest edition of Info TMR magazine, recently distributed to all Townie households, our Public Security teams are reviving the Neighbourhood Watch program in Mount Royal this winter. The official relaunch took place earlier this week, and residents can sign up as of today.

The program aims to promote cooperation and good neighbourliness. Residents are encouraged to become more aware of their immediate surroundings, to forge ties with their neighbours, and to recognize the neighbourhood’s usual vehicles. Every street in Mount Royal has certain habits and unique characteristics; a neighbour who is familiar with the everyday happenings on your block will quickly notice any unusual activity around your residence, and vice-versa. The initiative benefits everyone, except wrongdoers, and ensures that suspicious situations are reported without delay.

This type of network sometimes occurs and grows organically. One example can be found on streets where residents spontaneously organize neighbourhood parties. Our Public Security Department’s goal is to foster a similar dynamic in all residential sectors of Mount Royal so that no street is forgotten or left anonymous.

Signs will soon be installed throughout the Town to mark the launch of the Neighbourhood Watch program. I invite you to sign up online and to use the information documents drafted by our agents, also available on the Town’s website. You can use them to collect your neighbours’ contact information, inventory your belongings, and jot down detailed notes on suspicious individuals if needed. These documents aim to prepare you and guide the citizen crime prevention program.

If you witness a robbery, your first response should always be to contact the police.

If you notice something suspicious a few doors down, don’t wait either. Call the police immediately. This is very important.

You can count on our Public Security Department to assist you in matters of prevention. They will know how to provide support. Soon, Public Security will also be responding to intruder alarms in Mount Royal to ensure that someone is on the scene as quickly as possible.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5