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Many of you took part in our contest to help name the new public space, which is now under construction above the railway line, in the town centre. I wanted to express my deepest gratitude. Thanks to you, the contest was a success.

The most popular name was Station Square, with 51% of the 750 online votes, and it could not be more suitable, on top of being wonderfully simple.

Mount Royal’s Centennial Celebration in 2012 gave our community the opportunity to revisit its own history, at the heart of which the railway features so prominently.  Through scores of period photos and festive gatherings, we recalled our famous melons and revisited other stories that define us, including the excavation of the railway tunnel beneath the mountain, which is how we came to be. Station Square will now be located in the heart of our town centre, elegantly floating above the rail lines; once again, history is alive and well in Mount Royal. It’s always a pleasure to celebrate these remnants of the past because they are ours and because they are part of our DNA.

With that, I would like to congratulate Nadim Abou-Chacra, Louise Baillargeon, Yves Beaucage, Claudie Vigneault, Tarik Kadiri, Gilles Farmer and Tony Terenzi, who submitted this suggestion or an equivalent. Each will receive $250 to spend in local TMR businesses. Your winning proposal has given our heritage wings.

When the time comes, residents will also be called upon to decide, by consensus, how the future Station Square will be landscaped. We will probably want to hear from you as early as this summer about plantings, street furniture and the general atmosphere Townies are looking for in their new public space, one that is welcoming and reflects who we are. Once we are finished, we hope to inaugurate Station Square in 2022—fingers crossed, without any restrictive health measures in place—and see as many residents gather as possible.

Station Square will finally bring together the east and west halves of our garden city, symbolizing a true meeting ground for our lives and our history. Have faith that, as soon as it’s appropriate, it will be the perfect place to reconvene.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5