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It was with great pleasure that I tabled the 2019 budget last Tuesday evening. A responsible budget once more, this year it reaches over 100 million dollars but still keeps track of our principal objective, which is to respect Townies’ ability to pay. It provides for a tax bill increase of only 1.76%, which represents a $136 increase per year for a single-family home with an average value of $1,082,800.

Our highly anticipated new sports and community centre will truly take off in 2019, and the budget provides important resources to the project. We also have several other exciting developments on the horizon for the new year. To the families who have chosen to settle down in our garden city, Mount Royal’s 2019 budget promises the same comfort, security, and priorities as in previous years. The arrival of the popular Bixi service, the modernization of the well-loved Mohawk Park, and an increase in Public Security personnel are only some of the elements that will improve the quality of life of our citizens in 2019.

Furthermore, the budget provides for the launch of strategic measures to ensure the protection of our urban forest, as well as support for our economic growth, the development of a new park in the Bates/Ekers sector, and continued investment in our municipal infrastructures.

A new wind is blowing through Mount Royal. The Town is preparing to construct its first entirely new municipal building since the 1960s and our urban forest is being regenerated into one that is more resistant. And yet, even as these changes are taking place, a healthy continuity—by which I mean the superior quality of the services provided to Townies and the same discipline in managing public funds—is being maintained

Faced with the immediate prospect of the Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM) and the Royalmount commercial real estate project, not to mention the changing requirements of the Montréal Agglomeration, it seems appropriate to say that the Town will be changing inside and out, sometimes in adversity. The winds of change are not ours alone to control.

Rest assured, however, that this year, as always, the interests of our citizens come first. Our 2019 budget is an eloquent testimony to this principle.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5