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Every day, unsettling natural events remind us that climate change is under way. Each of us knows that the only realistic response to this enormous challenge is a collective effort that includes changing how we do things. Nothing less than a major social shift is required and, at the municipal level, I am convinced it is not only necessary but feasible.

Earlier this week, Mount Royal’s elected officials unveiled a number of steps the Town will take to respond to the climate emergency. On Monday, we announced that Town of Mount Royal will soon ban oil-heating systems from in residential zones. As of 2020, installing an oil-heating system in new homes and homes undergoing major renovations will no longer be allowed. For their part, owners of existing devices will have until 2025 to convert their current heating system to an electric, geothermal or natural gas system. Mont-Royal is now the second municipality after Montréal to have done so in order to reduce our greenhouse gases. 

We announced several other important initiatives on Monday, including a new by-law that tightens restrictions on wood heating. We also plan to look at banning Publisacs and other circulars from the Town. In addition, the Town will create a new dedicated fund to be used for its projects related to climate change.

The removal of bottled water from municipal vending machines, the gradual replacement of drinking fountains in Town buildings with ones better suited for refilling reusable bottles and the publication of environmental tips and advice are among the other actions planned by Mount Royal this year.

Also, as we prepare to begin construction of our new sports and community centre, it is worth nothing that the project includes one of the largest green roofs in Quebec.

The fight against climate change is now part of everybody’s reality. Its repercussions will be felt in all our daily activities. I encourage all Townies to be part of this movement, to make adjustments to their lifestyle and take real action to reduce the dramatic impact of climate change on current and future generations.