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Back in October, I told you that the special planning program for the Rockland sector (the “Rockland PPU”) is one on which Council intends to take its time.

This is obviously a good thing. We have again extended the deadline for making a submission to our written consultation on the Rockland special planning program. The new deadline is January 15. A few hundred residents have already shared their thoughts, including some who took part in the chat held during the online presentation on November 5. And even now we continue to receive comments.

Council has committed to reading all the comments received before continuing its deliberations. We’ve already made a good start. From the outset it has been clear that several of the ideas will be useful when we get around to filling in the details and filling out the starting vision of our document.

Among all the good suggestions, we’ve unfortunately also run across a few that are based on misconceptions.

For example, I’ve been surprised to see that some residents think the Rockland PPU calls for decreasing the amount of greenery in the neighbourhood, a measure that would go against every single one of the Town’s initiatives, announcements and priorities during the last two decades if not longer. Who, in 2020, still supports removing trees and shrinking green spaces? In a garden city, no less… On the contrary, the Rockland PPU calls for increasing the green cover in every part of the sector as well as removing large heat islands and creating three entirely new green spaces.

It may be useful to bear in mind that the objectives of the Rockland PPU are to: (1) improve traffic flow in a fairly congested area; (2) further green the neighbourhood, in part by creating three new green spaces; (3) ensure the Rockland Centre site remains commercially viable; (4) promote public transit and active transportation; (5) eliminate large heat islands; and (6) create conditions that will finally allow a new retirees’ and seniors’ residence to be built

Later this winter, after our consultation has ended, the comments received will be analyzed more closely. Our special planning program may then be refined in light of that analysis.

Please continue sending us your comments. The PPU sets forth a long-term vision, and we want the document to reflect your aspirations and concerns. But please, if you take only one thing away from this discussion, let it be this: everyone wants the future Rockland sector to be greener, and that includes us!