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After receiving more than 150 proposals from citizens for the name of the new public space currently being built above the railway in Town centre, the time has come for the public to choose a winner from among the six candidates selected by the Town.

All six are inspired choices sent in by you. The entries are sometimes lyrical, sometimes historical and sometimes both. Picking the finalists wasn’t an easy job. Townies’ obvious enthusiasm for their new public space is indeed a joy to see.

You have until February 18 to make your first – and second! – picks known. Here are the finalists:

  • Station Square
  • The Star
  • The Agora
  • Bridges Garden
  • Frederick Todd Park
  • Union Square

Each of the names contains a piece the magic that gives our garden city its special charm. I encourage you to refer to our online ballot form for succinct descriptions that convey the spirit of each of the six proposals. You’ll find the contest details and a link to the form on the Town website, or more simply here: villemont-royal.formstack.com/forms/nom_place_publique.

At this point in time, Mount Royal has more than 30 parks and other green spaces and places large enough to be named. For a garden city, there’s something wonderful about seeing such spaces actually increase over the years instead of disappearing under the wheel of progress.

When it soon opens, the new public space in Town centre will, by definition, once again be yours! What’s more, this newest addition to our collection of landscaped spaces will have a special feature: it will span the railway trench that divides our Town in two. A long-time dream is about to come true and, whatever name we end up bestowing on the new plaza, the space itself will immediately become a key feature of our living environment.

The winner of our contest and the name selected by popular vote will both be announced at the next regular Council meeting, on February 22. In the meantime, join the movement: vote today!

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5