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For several years now, the massive Royalmount project has been the talk of the Town and the Island of Montréal. It has received extensive coverage—sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Nevertheless, the Town of Mount Royal decided to go ahead with the project in 2015 and agreed to the first draft, which, at the time, was intended to be a major shopping centre and hotel and entertainment hub. The first version of the project provided a solution for repurposing derelict land in our industrial sector, and with it came the promise of creating jobs and generating property income.

In 2018, however, the developer requested residential use be added to the proposed redevelopment. The Town decided to take its time analyzing the situation and commissioned two studies, responding later to the developer’s request with its own proposed vision for potentially requalifying its industrial sector.

Three years later and following a pandemic that forced us to review our urban designs, the Town would like to present its residents with the results of its studies and discussions. In particular, the Town wants to hear from Townies on this major real estate project with a potential residential component. To do so, it is organizing a public consultation for residents on Tuesday, June 22. In accordance with public health measures, it will be held virtually. What are your concerns? What are your expectations? Come learn more about the Royalmount project and tell us what you think.

The meeting will be held next week. Join us!

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5