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Mount Royal, November 12, 2012 – Philippe Roy appeared before the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission last Friday in order to present Mount Royal Council’s and residents’ point of view regarding a future name change for the federal riding in which their town is located. The proposed new name is John Peters Humphrey. Mayor Roy also discussed the crucial issue of the proposed new boundaries, which appear to satisfy no one.

To gauge Townies’ opinion on the proposed boundary changes for the current Mount Royal riding, Council held a public consultation in September. All the residents who spoke during the consultation expressed their deep dissatisfaction with the proposal, a feeling fully shared by Mayor Roy.

Points raised by the Mayor in his presentation to the commission included the feeling of belonging, natural affinities, historical and political ties and business relationships. On its own, the question of including Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in the new riding elicited a strong reaction from the Mount Royal community, with some arguing that it is more appropriate for the airport to be kept with its communities of interest and surrounding municipalities, which in no way include Mount Royal.

Nor does the proposed new name for the riding, John Peters Humphrey, appeal to Mayor Roy. “The name Mount Royal has significant resonance in the history of the area and even of the country,” he explained. “Several important political figures have been associated with Mount Royal riding, including Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who was our Member of Parliament for 19 years. Mount Royal is surely one of the Montreal’s most iconic symbols and it seems to me essential that it be associated with the name of a riding.”

The changes planned for the current Mount Royal riding are part of a major review of the federal electoral map in Quebec. For more information, please visit www.federal-redistribution.ca.