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You have undoubtedly heard about the shopping and entertainment centre project that real estate developer Carbonleo has proposed building in Town of Mount Royal. For several days now, the media have reported on the position taken by several retail and political opponents who, from all indications, know nothing about the project. This, in turn, has created some misconceptions about what the project is and isn’t. Although not all the details of the project have been released at this point in time, allow me to provide a few facts:

  • The Carbonleo project will be built in Mount Royal’s industrial sector, more specifically in the area west of the Décarie autoroute, quite far away from the Town’s residential neighbourhoods.
  • The area in question is currently a series of abandoned and neglected lots in a part of the industrial sector that has long been seeking a new vocation.
  • Carbonleo is proposing a new generation shopping centre that will include, among other things, a number of businesses focused on entertainment and dining and will be directly accessible via the De la Savanne metro station.
  • The economic benefits will be significant for both Town of Mount Royal and the entire Urban Agglomeration of Montreal.
  • The project will breathe new economic life into our town and will bring long-term stability to the residential tax rate (read “a decrease”) or the addition of major new services for residents.

Surprisingly, some of municipal elected officials in Montreal have attacked the project and demanded that Mount Royal’s elected officials step back from it. We find it simply unacceptable that Montreal elected officials are seeking to impose their vision of economic development on us Townies. Why not let the developer Carbonleo unveil the details of its project before passing judgement on it?

Sixty years ago, then mayor Reginald Dawson showed that he understood the full potential of our industrial sector by having the Town acquire the last properties available in the area. More than ever, Mayor Dawson’s vision is becoming a reality with this innovative and promising project. My municipal administration firmly believes the project is good for the Town and for the entire Montreal region. In the coming weeks, we intend to move forward with the process to amend the urban plan to pave the way for the project. Among other things, the process includes a public meeting on the project to which residents will be invited.

Shopping preferences are personal and open to debate, of course. Some people like shopping at malls, others don’t. But there is no denying that a market exists for this type of development and that this part of our industrial sector is in need of a structuring project that will also contribute to our community’s long-term financial stability.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5