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As the new year begins, it strikes me as appropriate to look back at the year just ended and take stock of our Town’s situation.

The most notable event of 2010 remains the sad departure from political life of former mayor Vera Danyluk and her tragic death due to a serious illness. In the coming months, Council will take action to honour Ms. Danyluk’s memory in a significant way and acknowledge the important role she played in guiding our town.

On a completely different and necessarily brighter note, one of the areas in which our town stood out in 2010 was its financial stability. While a serious financial crisis shook governments at every level, the efforts of our municipal administration continue to bear fruit, crisis or no crisis. Once again, the Town expects to record a budget surplus – the fifth such surplus in as many years – and its finances are in excellent shape.

Over the last 12 months, we have continued to invest heavily in the Town’s infrastructure (including roads, water distribution and sewer systems and the renewal of our vehicle and heavy equipment fleets) and have completed work on the eagerly awaited artificial turf soccer fields. Our many young athletes will now be able to start their season earlier, as soon as the snow has melted.

With a two-percent vacancy rate, Mount Royal’s industrial sector, a key element in the Town’s financial security, is also in fine form. Similarly, many private residential projects, such as the Graham and the Sax Mont-Royal, have enriched the Town’s housing offer.

Lastly, Council has adopted a new by-law designed to curb the construction of oversized houses. It has also continued to implement green waste collection, a key piece of the Town’s sustainable development plan.

In short, our town is doing very well indeed and, more than ever, we should be proud of our community’s vibrancy and warmth. Let us now look forward to a 2011 worthy of our best. It’s already clear that we’re off to a good start.