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Contrary to what is claimed in the June 26, 2019, of the Bi-weekly Town of Mount Royal Journal, the Town has not adopted a by-law banning the use of oil heating on its territory.

Actually, By-law No. 1456, which was adopted at the June 17th public meeting of Town Council, concerns solid-fuel heating and cooking devices. In Mount Royal, these typically are wood-burning fireplaces.

Effective September 1, 2020, the use of sold fuel-burning devices (stoves and fireplaces) will be banned except for those certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as having an atmospheric emission rate less than or equal to 2.5 grams/hour of fine particulate matter.

Erroneous claims

Nothing in the new by-law concerns heating oil. Consequently, each and every one of the following claims on page 7 of the Bi-weekly Town of Mount Royal Journal is untrue:

  • “Town bans oil heating and curbs wood heating units.” – False. By-law No. 1456 concerns only wood heating. Town Council hopes the by-law, which received unanimous approval, will help protect the environment.
  • “Coming into effect, By-law No. 1456, will ban oil heating, even in bi-energy units, and will further curtail wood heating.” – False. Again, the by-law applies only to wood heating.
  • “Starting next year, oil furnaces will be disallowed in new construction and homes undergoing major renovations.” – Once again, false.
  • “As for wood burning, the Town plans to ban the use of all wood-burning stoves and fireplaces whose emissions exceed 2.5 grams/hour of fine particulate matter.” – False. The Town is not planning any such ban. The ban is already in effect, being the specific purpose of its By-law No. 1456 adopted on June 17.

Heating oil: where things stand in TMR

On the other hand, it would be accurate to say the Town is examining the possibility of banning oil-heating units on its territory. Highly polluting and less popular than used to be the case, heating oil is at odds with the sustainable development goals that the Town has long set for itself.

It would also be accurate to say the Town will, in the not too distant future, remove the last remaining oil-heating systems still in use in public buildings.

For now, the Town continues to study the possibility of banning residential oil heating. It is also considering a schedule for doing so, which will probably be set in 2025. In addition, it is approaching organizations and government agencies that might offer assistance to Townies transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Read By-law No. 1456

Read the provisions, including the ones applicable to wood heating, of the new by-law adopted in June 2019: download By-law No. 1456.

Alain Côté

Division Head - Public Affairs

90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5