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On the first snowfall of the year, Saturday, November 27, the first game, a friendly contest featuring diehard fans of the beautiful game, was played on Mount Royal’s new synthetic turf soccer field. The project had been requested by the population and the new synthetic turf provides several advantages: it withstands wear and tear, it is inexpensive to maintain and it extends the soccer season by two months. (We won’t count last Saturday’s game…)

The current Town administration had promised to do everything it could to move forward with building such a playing field as soon as citizens had asked for it a few years ago.

We would like to thank Town resident Francesco Pasin, a huge booster of the new field and a committed volunteer in the soccer community for having organized this first game.

Town seeks sculptor!

In 12 months, Town of Mount Royal will kick off its centennial year. One hundred years ago, who would have thought that what was then only fields and farms would today be a dynamic community with nearly 20,000 inhabitants? Who would have imagined that, in less than a century, more than 5,000 houses, eight schools, 70 parks, some 140 streets and nine churches would be built, nearly 20,000 trees would be planted and, above all, such a desirable living environment would be created?

For two years now, your elected officials and the municipal administration have been working to prepare for the centennial celebrations. Events, inaugurations and other activities are on the drawing board, the goal being to ensure that 2012 is and remains a high point in the Town’s history as well as residents’ memories.

Among the projects it is preparing, the Town hopes to finally complete the fountain that has been in the works for Connaught Park for more than 50 years. The specific location has been chosen and the project is under way. But one crucial element is still lacking: an artist, a vision and a work of art. In short, the Town is seeking a sculptor who can create this important work. Do you know of such an artist? Would you like to suggest a name? If so, please contact Alain Côté at 514-734-3017.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5