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Town of Mount Royal, May 28, 2007 – Town of Mount Royal is today sharing with its residents its firs-ever Sustainable Development Plan. At the same time, it is doubling the stakes by releasing its first Tree Policy. With the release of these two documents and in keeping with the values it has exemplified for many years, the Town has made a significant advance in its approach to environmental protection.

“Our new policy is proof of a renewed political enthusiasm for green issues and of the growing consensus throughout the community regarding the local actions to take to counter the environmental threats of our age,” said Town of Mount Royal Mayor, Vera Danyluk.

The two documents released today cap but do not conclude the work of Town of Mount Royal’s Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee, a working group chaired by councillor Philippe Roy. Thanks to the volunteers and Town employees who form its membership, the committee has been ambitious and forward-thinking in its focus on environmental protection and the important role that Town of Mount Royal intends to play in the growing daily battle against environmentally harmful practices.

The Town’s new Sustainable Development Plan has a four-year time horizon. Its aims are intended to be both practical and realistic. They take the form of plainly worded short and medium-term objectives and are grouped according to the Town’s six priority orientations, which include achieving the objectives of the Québec Residual Materials Management Policy, 1998-2008, and ensuring transportation and operations are managed environmentally, to name only those areas. In addition, while the municipal organization’s resources are stakeholders in all the objectives of the Sustainable Development Plan, it is the plan’s acceptance by Town of Mount Royal’s residents and businesses and their cooperation in implementing the various measures it contains that will ensure the success of the process.

As for the Tree Policy, the goal of this much-anticipated document is to guide the evolution and development of Mount Royal’s arboreal heritage, a veritable urban forest comprising more than 20,000 trees. Establishing the policy is one of the objectives of the Sustainable Development Plan—it is, in fact, the first achievement within the framework of the plan—and is another step toward improving air quality, one of the plan’s six orientations.
Armed with the two new tools that are the Sustainable Development Plan and the Tree Policy, Town of Mount Royal today encourages its residents to follow its lead. Long considered a model of urban planning and development, the Town now turns its eyes to the future and intends to earn its stripes as a model of environmental protection.

Photo exhibit Objectif : nature

To underscore this initiative, a thematic exhibit on the environment developed in cooperation with members of TRAM (the Table ronde sur l’art de Mont-Royal) will be on display at the Reginald J. P. Dawson Library until June 7.