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The year 2011 is coming to an end. Your municipal team is especially proud of the work accomplished during the last 12 months. The Town’s finances remain healthy. Several projects are underway or completed, including launching of synthetic soccer field, expansion of municipal library, development of family policy, efforts to speed up infrastructure enhancement, drafting of sustainable development plan and development of our first water policy, designed to reduce drinking water consumption.

A few days ago, we adopted the 2012 budget, a responsible budget, limiting the expenditures to 2.6%, which is close to nothing considering the consumer price index.

We are now a few hours away from a milestone date in the history of Town of Mount Royal. On December 21, 1912 Canadian Northern Railway engineers were engaging in the foundation of Town of Mount Royal.

Ninety-nine years later, the farms and melon fields of the past have given way to a vibrant and enthusiastic community. Like the 20,000 trees that have taken root here, 20,000 citizens have made Mount Royal their home. Over the decades, more than 5,000 houses, 8 schools, 30 parks, a multitude of green spaces, some 140 streets and 9 churches have been built. A dynamic industrial district and, above all, a privileged living environment are the envy of its neighbours.

Therefore, it is with great emotion that I invite you all to the launching of the Centennial celebrations on January 22, at Schofield Hall in Town Hall. On this occasion, many volunteer residents will propose numerous activities and projects to mark this centennial year.

I take this opportunity to extend to all Town of Mount Royal citizens our best wishes for happy and healthy holidays.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5