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Mount Royal, November 13, 2012 – The Elizabeth Salon at Town Hall, where council meetings take place every month, was pervaded by a special effervescence on Wednesday, November 7, when the young elected officials of the first TMR Townschool Council were present for their swearing in.

Twelve sixth grade students, girls and boys from various Town elementary schools, will form the very first Townschool council. Each one has been elected by their peers after campaigning in their schools. All of them will sit at the Town Council table on December 6 to submit in turn the respective projects that won them an election, to choose together the best idea of the twelve proposed and to plan collectively, following a majority vote, the implementation of the project selected. The young councillors will meet again during monthly meetings in January, February and March, again at Town Hall. Each time it will be their duty to report back to their constituents.

The swearing in of these young councillors, loosely based on the genuine swearing in of town elected officials, was thus the first of a series of meetings during which the twelve will discover in vivo the municipal democratic process and the role of an elected official.

Town of Mount Royal Mayor Philippe Roy is enthusiastic about the project he created: “These are tough times for municipal democracy in Greater Montreal. However, beyond the scandals, which the media thrive on, there still exists a basic and very positive concept of a vibrant, dynamic and convening democracy that I wanted to expose to these young people. The Townschool Council is a pilot project, but I am already excited about the outstanding cooperation of our elementary schools and above all the students who have just been sworn in. I will preside over their monthly meetings and look forward to travel this part of the road together. We have a lot to share.”

Launching of the Townschool Council complements the numerous Town Centennial events and is consistent, in its own way, with the spirit of the family policy adopted by the Town last September.