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For almost a week, every effort has been made on a provincial, national and global scale to try to limit the spread of COVID-19, a virus that was unknown to us only a short time ago. The measures that have been implemented are truly extraordinary, both here and elsewhere. I have never experienced anything like this and the same almost certainly goes for you.

Those who follow the Town’s activities online are aware that Mount Royal is hard at work. The Town is taking every possible measure, complying with every directive issued by the Government of Quebec and making every attempt to prevent the pandemic.

In addition to basic hygiene practices (washing your hands regularly and thoroughly as well as protecting those nearby when coughing or sneezing), one of the most important precautions at the moment is self-isolation and social distancing. Limiting physical contact, teleworking where possible, keeping a few metres between you and others when you have to go out—these precautions will soon make all the difference, according to experts. Until a vaccine becomes available, prevention must be first and foremost in people’s minds. As individuals and together as a community, we can significantly slow the spread of the coronavirus.

New measures are being deployed in the Town’s buildings daily. The library, arena, country club and recreation centre have been closed since last week. All of our activities are suspended, including those at the Pierre-Laporte swimming pool. Exceptionally, the Town Council’s monthly meeting on Monday, March 23, will be held behind closed doors and streamed live via webcast. With regard to our staff, those who are older and more vulnerable have been asked to remain at home, special measures are in place to accommodate family obligations and we have numerous and strictly enforced restrictions with respect to overseas travel. We take the obligation to quarantine very seriously.

As early as last week, we asked residents to limit their visits to our various service desks and to use email and telephone as much as possible. The message has clearly been received and your response shows that you understand the seriousness of the situation. We remind you to visit the Mount Royal website (www.ville.mont-royal.qc.ca/en) for general information and use the online registration forms and services whenever possible. Communications by email (info@town.mount-royal.qc.ca) or phone (514 734-2900) are still preferred.

In the meantime, we remain open. Our essential services are still available. The Public Security service is continuing its day and night patrols. Our Public Works are ensuring the integrity and proper functioning of municipal infrastructure. Registration for spring and summer leisure activities started on Monday. Our various collections are following their usual days and times. In short, life goes on.

Self-isolation is an important gesture and a collective effort. For Townies who live alone—an altogether different reality to self-isolation—our Daily Hello service also remains in effect. To register, call 514 734-2937. It’s free!

Keep an eye on our various communication tools and stay informed about the latest action the Town is taking. For now, the advice is clear: everyone should do their utmost to remain in isolation. Alone, together, let’s make a difference.  

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5