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Mount Royal, December 17, 2012 – At tonight council meeting, Mayor Philippe Roy submitted the highlights of the Town’s 2013 operating budget of $81.3M. As for the triennial capital expenditures program, it amounts to $8.8M.

Mount Royal residential taxpayers can only rejoice at a property tax raise limited to only 1.56%, well below the increase in the consumer price index and in spite of a 1.85% increase in the aliquot share paid to the Montréal agglomeration.

In 2013, local expenditures will be increased by 3.52% with a 16% raise in our urban forest maintenance costs and a 40% increase in the budget allocation for horticultural work, to be fully consistent with the recent years’ green philosophy. The new budget also provides for the temporary addition of a road crew.

Counterbalancing the expenditures, the Town has generated of favourable variance of $599,400 in the area of debt servicing by revising its financing strategies for long-term assets. Finally, revenues from water invoicing, Quebec sales tax reimbursement, Recreation activities and fines have increased by $590,000.

“Again this year, we succeeded to limit tax raises for residents without compromising the quality of services, said Mayor Roy. I am particularly proud of what we manage to get done. Our environmental measures are enhanced, year after year, and protection of our plant, road and built heritage is ongoing. This is a slow process, which, in my mind, will lead to conclusive results.”

In contrast with previous years, no accumulated surplus will be used in 2013 for financing the operating budget. Surpluses will instead serve to fund capital projects, pay down the long-term debt and offset unforeseen events and situations. Such a change is the result of gradual and sustained efforts, initiated several years ago.

The 2013-2014-2015 triennial capital expenditures program (PTI) provides for major investments in road infrastructures, including Rockland Road and phase II of Selwood Road reconfiguration project.

Again through the PTI, Council intends to implement, as soon as 2013, the recommendations of a study on the use of spaces and buildings conducted in 2012 to meet the needs expressed by TMR citizens.

In its 2013 budget, Town of Mount Royal confirms its will to put families and seniors at the heart of its priorities and to exercise a progressive and responsible management of its assets in one of the healthiest financial context.