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Mount Royal, November 17, 2008 – Communauto and the Town of Mount Royal reached an agreement today on implementing the first car sharing station in Mount Royal.

Within the next few weeks, Mount Royal residents will be able to take advantage of selfservice vehicles located in the parking lot of Town Hall, at 90 Roosevelt Avenue, in the centre of town, close to the terminus of bus line 165 of the Société de transport de Montréal and near the Agence métropolitaine de transport's train station. Thirty Mount Royal residents already subscribe to the service.

The opening of this new self-service car station was made possible by the collaboration between the Town of Mount Royal and Communauto. Mount Royal officials reserved spaces for two vehicles in the parking lot adjacent to Town Hall, and inside its buildings, they will make information on car sharing available to citizens. For its part, Communauto will provide the vehicles, manage all the operations involved in their use, and pay the Town a lease fee for the spaces. More cars will be added to the first two based on demand.

"It is from a project undertaken by the Canadian Northern Railway, who wanted to establish an ideal city north of Mount Royal at the beginning of the last century, that the Town of Mount Royal was born, and its innovative layout was one of the first to focus on public transportation. With the arrival of Communauto, which will consolidate the transportation alternative to car ownership that is already offered there, Mount Royal is building on its founding principles as a model city," said Mr. Benoît Robert, CEO of Communauto.

"We are very proud of our association with Communauto," added Ms. Vera Danyluk, mayor of Mount Royal. "This partnership allows residents to choose a service that perfectly complements the use of the train in their daily trips, while adding an attractive alternative to car ownership."

And for Councillor Philippe Roy, who also chairs the Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee, this practical measure that the Town has taken meets the goals and actions set forth in the very first sustainable development plan, which the Town adopted in 2007, and adds to the local environmental initiatives which have already been undertaken. "By partnering with the car sharing solution, an ecofriendly alternative that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the municipal administration has shown once more its commitment to the quality of the environment and to sustainable development in our community”.

This station adds to the vast network of self-service cars already established throughout the greater Montreal area. Communauto, with nearly 650 cars in Montreal, located in some 200 stations, serves about 13,000 individuals and has established some interesting partnerships, including a joint offer with the Société de transport de Montréal, known as "DUO auto + bus".