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Mount Royal, March 30, 2010 – Alongside members of Town Council, the Director of the Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department, Kevin Whitehall, reminded everyone tonight of the important role that volunteers play in the healthy operation of soccer activities in Mount Royal season after season. From coaches to conveners, not to mention people who help out on the Soccer Committee, dozens of residents lend a helping hand to the Town of Mount Royal and generously contribute every year to the success of a program for which the Town has been in charge for over thirty years. The 2010 season will be no exception.

In response to the questions raised at the most recent Town Council meeting, held on March 22, Kevin Whitehall points out that: « Soccer is a popular and important program in Mount Royal. It provides fun for a lot of kids during the summer. The Council members and I want to assure you that the Town intends to invest every effort necessary to make the coming season a big success. Our lengthy track record enables us to feel very confident about quickly replacing the small number of volunteers who have decided not to return to help organize the coming season. »

It would appear that the fact that an agreement was not reached with the most recent Soccer Committee has resulted in the departure of a handful of volunteers, but in no way does this situation reflect on the relationship that the Town generally has with residents who choose to get involved with young athletes. « The agreement that was rejected by the committee contained clauses of financial transparency with respect to the use of public funds, and in the end they did not please certain people. But the Town could not reasonably bargain over them. The responsible management of Town funds is much more than a matter of principle and requires, among other things, the rendering of accounts » explains Mr. Whitehall.

Several volunteers have already expressed their interest in taking part in various ways in the 2010 soccer season. Recruiting is proceeding at the same rate as in past years and with several weeks notice, 60% of the needs have already been met. All volunteers interested in getting involved can still do so by calling 514-734-2934. No experience necessary.