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Mount Royal, April 14, 2009 – Beginning April 22, the Town of Mount Royal will extend its green waste collection to close to 1,900 new residential addresses which means that 2,400 households will now be served on both sides of the train tracks. A pilot project that was carried out in the spring of 2008 had targeted an initial total of 500 addresses by supplying each one of them with a green 360-litre bin on wheels to be picked up by a truck, thus enabling the Town to recycle over 90 tons of green waste. The success of that project to recycle organic material in the area allows us to follow-up by extending the collection coverage.

Green waste is heavy organic material which, once removed from the mass of waste, allows the Town to reduce the tonnage of waste sent to the dump. Instead, the green waste is sent to a composting facility that will process the organic matter and commercialize it. Green waste collection results in the recycling of leaves, grass, weeds, plants and flowers – including indoor plants with their potting soil – as well as tree branches and trimmings of a certain size, hedge trimmings, pieces of bark and woodchips.

« The process complies with the Town of Mount Royal’s Sustainable Development Plan. One of our goals is aimed at reducing waste through a decrease at source, meaning sorting waste to be recycled. The collection of green waste enables us to provide new use for quality matter » explains Councillor Philippe Roy, who heads the Town’s Environmental and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee.

« At the same time, by now aiming to recycle 450 tons of organic waste this year, we are getting even closer to the goals set by the Quebec Waste Management Policy, which challenges municipalities to recycle 60% of the glass, plastic, metal, paper and cardboard, cumbersome waste and putrescible matter in their area », points out Mr. Roy.

The new addresses that are registered for the green waste collection will receive their green bin during the week of April 13. The collection will take place every Wednesday, from April 22 to November 11, 2009.