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Mount Royal, September 26, 2014 – Earlier this week, the Association of Suburban Municipalities published a news release in which it declared its formal opposition to Canada Post’s decision to install community mail boxes and eliminate home mail delivery across the Island of Montreal. At the same time, the association announced the creation of a coalition of municipalities opposed to Canada Post’s decision. Mount Royal has been involved in this collective protest process from the very outset.

In a resolution passed in January 2014, Mount Royal’s Town Council made clear its desire to begin, at the earliest possible moment, a dialogue with the other municipalities directly affected by this change in postal services. The following months provided the opportunity to pass from ideas to action through a debate within the Association of Suburban Municipalities that placed Mount Royal front and centre.

“For Mount Royal, Canada Post’s decision remains unacceptable and out of touch with citizens’ needs and realities,” says Mount Royal mayor Philippe Roy. “It is by joining our voice with those of the other suburbs in the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal that we today denounce the changes proposed by Canada Post, because we have all been discussing the subject for months.”

Available online, the minutes of the January 27, 2014, meeting of Mount Royal’s Town Council outline the reasoning behind the Town’s position on this matter.