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Mount Royal, January 17, 2012 – Nearly a year ago, the Town of Mount Royal announced that it had hired Suzanne Caron as its centennial activities co-ordinator. At the time, the Town said that it intended to set up a committee of citizens that would form the Centennial Celebration Society and that it looked forward to seeing the program prepared by this collaborative project with the goal of rallying the entire community. Mission accomplished! On January 22, 2012, from 16:00 to 20:00, the program for Mount Royal’s centennial celebrations, the fruit of the sustained effort of an impressive team of volunteers hard at work since last year, will be unveiled.

Mount Royal residents are encouraged to visit Town Hall for this evening imbued with the ambiance of the 1910s and ’20s and featuring silent films with live piano accompaniment. There they will be able to discover the activities that will mark Mount Royal’s centennial in 2012. Those attending will also have the opportunity to examine archival documents, models, photographs and memorabilia prepared especially for the event.

The Centennial Celebration Society is more than a little proud of its about-to-be-launched program, a pride that the Town fully shares. “Make no mistake about it: the amount of work involved was enormous,” said Mayor Philippe Roy. “It took considerable pluck and initiative on the part of the volunteers, who so generously invested their time and energy in this project. With the program’s launch just around the corner, I can only tip my hat to them. Every month of this year will feature at least one activity celebrating Mount Royal’s first one-hundred years, the variety of which is certain to please all Town residents, ranging as it does from outdoor activities to performing arts and from sports to history, all with a disarming ease.”

The Centennial Celebration Society’s board of directors includes residents Paul Zucker, Maria Esposito, Lisa Marcovici, Natalie Alepin, Nathalie Tremblay, Krystyna Stewart and Miguel Baz. This front-line team is supported by a large number of other volunteers helping to organize this major celebration.

“Complementing the activities organized by the society will be those organized by the Town,” Mayor Roy concluded. “In particular, a magnificent commemorative book will be published in June, and our usual festivals – Summerfest and the Multicultural Fair – will have a centennial flair this year. Mount Royal is gearing up to celebrate 2012!”