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Mount Royal, February 22, 2011 – It is in the person of Suzanne Caron that Mount Royal’s Town Council has found the coordinator for its 2012 centennial activities. The former mayor of the Borough of Mount Royal, Mrs. Caron will be able to put her knowledge of the community and of municipal organization to good use in implementing the program for the centennial festivities.

The mandate assigned to Mrs. Caron will require close cooperation between herself, the Council members, the Centennial Celebration Society and a residents’ committee, which remains to be created. This pooling of ideas and talents should result in a program that, Council hopes, will prove sufficiently broad in its appeal to stimulate the interest and participation of the entire Mount Royal community.

“The Council members see in Suzanne Caron the ideal person for taking on this new challenge,” said Mayor Philippe Roy. “It is clear that her knowledge of the Town and, especially, her repeatedly demonstrated attachment to our community will be undeniable advantages in organizing the centennial festivities.”

Mrs. Caron’s interest in local heritage issues and her experience as a manager and strategic planning consultant with various public and private sector organizations also inclined Council in favour of her appointment.

Suzanne Caron will begin her duties as the coordinator of activities for Mount Royal’s centennial celebrations in the coming weeks.