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Mount Royal, October 15, 2012 – Mayor Philippe Roy exposed today the plans for what will become the Centennial Place, a green space to be built as soon as next year in the centre of Town, close to Connaught Park. This memorial will occupy the existing Monsignor Harold J. Doran Park, at the corner of Laird Boulevard and Moyle Road, and extend its current limits while offering a reminder of key elements in the history of TMR. In short, the municipality is aiming for a larger, greener park with a smarter design.

Centennial Place is an initiative from the Centennial Celebration Society and it should be noted that the initial concept was developed by TMR resident Wendy Graham, a landscape architect. The work to be carried out in 2013 will be subject of close cooperation with the Town, which will defray part of the existing park conversion and supervise the work. The Town will invest $50,000 in this project, a contribution that will be matched by the Centennial Celebration Society while Canadian Heritage will inject an extra $70,000. Implementing Centennial Place will mean redeveloping the existing surfaces in J. Doran Park, grafting additional green space onto it, planting trees, adding street furniture and building a memorial wall.

This wall will host, among others, a plaque that the Town will receive from the federal government as a reminder of its designation as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2008.

“This year, thanks to the fervent commitment of our residents, numerous activities have marked our centennial. However, once the celebrations are over, we want to leave a more permanent mark of this anniversary in our wake, explained Mayor Roy. Centennial Place is a wonderful project for enhancing our heritage. It will be a major legacy to the Town of Mount Royal community, as will our history book, currently being edited.”

Site preparation work will be carried out this fall. However actual construction of Centennial Place is expected to start next spring.