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Mount Royal, December 17, 2012 – Following the burial of their own time capsule in June to mark Mount Royal’s centennial, Mayor Philippe Roy and his councillors are now preparing to open the capsule buried by the Dawson administration in 1962 on the occasion of the Town’s 50th anniversary. The capsule had lain in Peace Park until earlier this fall, when it was unearthed before the ground froze. However, the actual opening of the capsule and discovery of its contents have been postponed until Mount Royal’s 100th birthday, December 21, 2012.

In archive photographs, Reginald J. P. Dawson, surrounded by his councillors, can be seen placing copies of La Presse, The Gazette and The Weekly Post into the capsule. Various stamps and coins awaiting their turn to be added can also be discerned. That said, the exact details of the capsule’s contents remain a mystery for now.

The opening of the 1962 time capsule will take place at a public ceremony to be held in Town Hall’s Schofield Hall on Friday, December 21, at 9:00. Townies of all ages are encouraged to attend. This morning activity will be the last event marking the Town’s centennial.