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Mount Royal, June 28, 2012 – This extremely rare event comes shrouded in an aura of mystery but does enjoy a long local tradition. On this centennial year, Peace Park is once again the place where Town of Mount Royal will bury a time capsule to be unearthed and opened in 50 years time under the watchful eye of a new generation of Townies. A formal ceremony took place on Thursday, June 28, in the afternoon to celebrate this milestone.

The time capsule is a sealed box, protected by a granite cover and containing various artifacts from the era when it was buried. While it contains no valuable items, it is well endowed with documents and other symbolic contributions from the Town to future generations, giving a clear picture of the given era. A first capsule was buried in 1962, on the Town’s 50th anniversary, and a second in 1987, after 75 years of existence. As is customary, the 1962 time capsule shall be dug up and opened on the eve of winter, since it was originally buried in December.

Besides numerous Town official documents, including Council resolutions regarding the objection to municipal mergers and the reconstitution of the Town, the time capsule contains a herbarium of our main public tree species, a flag and pins for the Centennial celebrations, a Mount Royal Outremont soccer team jersey and several other comparable items. It also holds the best texts written by TMR elementary school students as part of a contest held last winter on the subject of the Town and its centenary. A complete list of the artifacts included in the time capsule is attached to this news release.

“The preparation of the time capsule is a magic moment for us. This is a rare opportunity to offer a concrete expression of our identity to the future Town of Mount Royal. Needless to say, we also look forward to opening the 1962 capsule.” said Mayor Philippe Roy, who included in this year’s time capsule a letter to his 2062 successor.

The Centennial capsule burying ceremony took place in the presence of Mount Royal MNA Pierre Arcand, some Montréal and former Mount Royal elected officials and employees and students whose texts have been selected. All have joined with Mayor Roy and the six present councillors to wish the Town a bright and long existence.

Content of the time capsule 2012 - 2062


  • Letter from Mayor Roy to his 2062 successor;
  • Proclamation by Town Council;
  • Statement by Irwin Cotler, Member of Parliament for the Mount Royal riding;
  • Statement by Pierre Arcand, Member of the National Assembly of Québec for the Mount Royal riding;
  • Texts by the 21 cycle 2 students from TMR 3 elementary schools;
  • Section of Order in Council respecting the Town of Mount Royal reconstitution in 2006;
  • 2001 Council resolution – Objection to Municipal Mergers;
  • 2006 Council resolution – Town of Mount Royal Reconstitution;


  • Town Centennial flag;
  • Official bilingual Centennial program;
  • Souvenir copybooks and compact disc from cycle two students from TMR three elementary schools;
  • Illustration signed by the architect responsible for the Reginald J.P. Dawson library expansion and renovation project;
  • Herbarium housing specimen leaves of Town’s main public trees;
  • Samples from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Rose Garden;
  • Photomontage featuring Town’s 2012 urban landscape;
  • Miniature flame and flag representing the passing of the Olympic Flame in TMR in December 2009;
  • Town Centennial pins;
  • Copies of two local weekly publications;
  • Copies of Montreal daily newspapers;
  • MRO soccer team jersey;
  • 2012 one-cent rolls;
  • 2001 anti-merger flyer;
  • June 2012 edition of Town newsletter;
  • TMR Scout badges;
  • Town map.