Agenda: Regular meeting of the Mount Royal Town Council, March 27, 2017.

Documents relevant to this meeting:

Project: By-law No. 1317-15 to Amend By-law No. 1317 Regarding Site Planning and Architectural Integration Following the Coming Into Effect of the Montréal Urban Agglomeration Land Use and Development Plan (French only)
Project: By-law No. 1318-15 to Amend By-law No. 1318 Regarding Comprehensive Development Programs (French only)
Project: By-law No. 1440 to Amend the Planning Program (including an appendix) (French only)
Project: Zoning By-law No. 1441 (including map and grids) (French only)
Project: Subdivision By-law No. 1442 (French only)
Project: Building By-law No. 1443 (French only)
Project: Permits and Certificates By-law No. 1444 (French only)