Shandi Mitchell

When tragedy erupts on a summer night, the whole city of Halifax finds itself suddenly mired in sorrow and anger. Tough-as-nails Kate is a trauma nurse who spends her off-duty hours drinking to forget her ER shifts... when she's not working with her beloved search-and-rescue dog, Zeus.

Respected police officer Mike can't admit that he's on the edge of burnout. When he makes the mistake of looking in a young crime victim's eyes, he sets himself on a downward spiral, slowly fraying the bonds of love that hold his family together. And agoraphobic Tamara is a 911 dispatcher who tries to remain as calm and emotionless as an automated message, removed from the pain of the outside world. These three are all connected to one another, in ways both explicit and invisible. And they will all be forced to make their own fateful choices, bringing changes no one could have foreseen.

Call number: F MITC

Novel: The Waiting Hours