Ken Dryden

Hall of Fame player and the former goaltender of Scotty's Montreal Canadiens team, Ken Dryden, takes us inside the mind of hockey's ultimate coach.

We see Scotty as a child in his hometown of Verdun, Quebec, as a teenager racing to a spot in the old Montreal Forum to witness Richard's scoring prowess, and as an up and coming hockey mind, tapped on the shoulder to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Montreal coach Toe Blake. Interwoven through the narrative of Scotty's life story are the profiles of the eight best teams in NHL history in Bowman's eyes, as the coach describes what makes these particular teams stand out from the rest. And, because it's in a coach's competitive nature, these eight teams are pitted against one another in a winner-take-all tournament, where Scotty will determine once and for all which team is the greatest team in NHL history, and why.

Call number: B B7878

Book: Scotty: A Hockey Life like no Other