Dorian Lynskey

George Orwell's final work is a treasure chest of ideas and memes that gain potency with every year. Particularly in 2016, when the election of Donald Trump made it a bestseller. Its influence has morphed endlessly into novels, films, television shows, rock albums, commercials, even reality TV.

The Ministry of Truth is the first book that fully examines the epochal and cultural event that is 1984 in all its aspects: its roots in the utopian and dystopian literature that preceded it; the personal experiences in wartime Great Britain that Orwell drew on as he struggled to finish his masterpiece in his dying days; and the political and cultural phenomena that the novel ignited at once upon publication and that far from subsiding, have only grown over the decades. It explains how fiction history informs fiction and how fiction explains history.

Call number: 823.09 O79

Book: The Ministry of Truth