David G. Marwell

One of the most notorious war criminals of all time, Dr. Mengele has come to symbolize both the evil of the Nazi regime and the failure of justice in the postwar world.

Marwell examines Mengele's life and career, chronicling his university studies, which led to two PhDs and a promising career as a scientist; his wartime service, in combat and at Auschwitz, where his "selections" determined the fate of countless innocents and his "scientific" pursuits resulted in the traumatization and death of thousands more; and his postwar refuge in Germany and South America. The international search for the Nazi doctor in 1985 ended in a cemetery in Sao Paulo, and the dogged forensic investigation produced overwhelming evidence that Mengele had died. This is a story of science without limits, escape without freedom, and resolution without justice.”

Call number: B M544

Book: Mengele