Doris Payne

Growing up during the Depression in a segregated coal-mining town in West Virginia, the bright and willful Doris Payne dreamed big.

Fascinated by the fine clothes, jewels, and lifestyles in magazines such as Town & Country and Harper's Bazaar, she imagined a world beyond herself, one in which she did not carry the weight of limitations that others imposed on her and where her beloved mother was free from her father's abuse. Using her Southern charm and quick wit, she began shoplifting small pieces of jewelry from local stores, and over the course of six decades, grew her talents with each heist. As a world-class expert jewel thief, she daringly pulled off numerous diamond robberies, using nuns and various ruses to help her avoid arrest while her Jewish boyfriend fenced the stolen gems. A rip-roaringly fun and exciting tale, Diamond Doris is the portrait of a captivating antihero who experienced life to the fullest -- on her own terms.

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Biography: Diamond Doris: The True Story of the World’s Most Notorious Jewel Thief