Going away for several days? Use our home watch service and leave with complete peace of mind!

On site, twice a day

While you are away, a patroller checks the outside of your house twice a day, in order to:

  • make sure the doors are securely locked
  • check that everything is normal (house exterior, yard, etc.)
  • pick up and keep your mail (newspapers and circulars will be discarded).

How to arrange for this service

Call Public Security at 514 734-4666 to open your file. Please note that this service cannot be requested by email.

You will need to provide us with:

  • some information about your home
  • a list of people to contact in case of emergency.

Your file remains strictly confidential. Only a few authorized agents will have access to it. It is active for as long as you live at the same address, so a simple phone call is all you will need the next time you go away!

Avoid attracting the attention of burglars

Make sure the snow is cleared from your driveway in winter. To make your house look lived in, you should always leave some lights on.

That said, to prevent fires, never leave your Christmas tree lights on when you are away.

In difficult situations, resources exist!

Poisoning, spousal violence, alcohol abuse, psychological distress: easily accessible emergency services can provide welcome support in unfortunate situations. Professionals will be able to answer your questions and guide you toward the best available solutions.

Urgences-Santé 9-1-1
CLSC Côte-des-Neiges 514 731-8531
Info-Santé 8-1-1
Alcoholics Anonymous 514 376-9230
Quebec Poison Control Centre 1 800 463-5060
Emergency prescriptions filled (9:00 to 23:00) 514 527-8827
Youth Protection and Emergency Social Services 514 896-3100
Alzheimer Society of Montreal 514 369-0800
Tel-Aide 514 935-1101
S.O.S Spousal Violence 514 873-9010
Dental Emergency - Adults 514 937-6011
Dental Emergency - Children 514 934-4400
Senior Abuse Hotline

514 842 9373
1 888 489-2287

Seniors Referral Line 514 527-0007
Offices des personnes handicapés du Québec 514 873-3905